The Gluten and Dairy Free Bakehouse is all about sharing recipe and food ideas around a gluten and dairy free lifestyle.


How I got started

I have always had a real passion for cooking and baking. But when my second son was diagnosed with Coeliac Disease at the age of 9, together with an intolerance to dairy, it threw up some unique challenges around how to re-create those tried and tested recipes that I loved to make…..and he loved to eat!

But I found that using both gluten and dairy free ingredients wasn’t as simple as swapping them with those that I had used before. So the initial reaction was to just buy the things that I couldn’t make myself. That way, he wouldn’t go without.

However,  these were never as good as what I knew I could create myself, given time to make some adjustments. And the last thing I wanted to do as a mother, was to sentence my son to a life of mass produced, factory manufactured food!

Research, research…..and yet MORE RESEARCH!

So I rolled my sleeves up and started the laborious task of wading through books, magazines, articles, websites, blogs and any other resource I could get my hands on. Over time, I started to build for myself a reference library on alternative ingredients, cooking methods and ultimately recipes, that I could use to make his life more enjoyable.

However, as a family of five, it became a chore to continually be making two separate meals and two lots of baked foods all the time. So I set about re-visiting the old recipes that I had always used, but applying my new found knowledge in order to convert them to gluten and dairy free.

After much trial (and some error), I started to perfect these, so that we could once more enjoy the meals and baked foods that we had previously eaten.

Allergen ALERT!!!

With the news that our third son was allergic to peanuts (anaphylaxis no less), we now found ourselves being a mixed allergen family, with all the issues that come with it. But after having spent the last few years developing gluten and dairy free alternatives, I set my sights on developing new recipes and ideas to meet the challenge head on.


Having perfected the old ones, I now spend my time converting other recipes. I always get excited when I convert one and it turns out just as good as the original, but without the gluten or dairy ingredients in it.

I am also spending more of my time developing new ideas and creating new recipes from scratch, especially for breads, cakes, biscuits and slices. And in the majority of cases, you wouldn’t even know that they were gluten and dairy free, which is great when you can serve them up to family and friends without them knowing.

So I hope that what you find within these pages, to make and eat, brings you just as much enjoyment as it has for me!