Raw Apple Cream Pies with Caramel Apples

Raw Apple Cream Pies with Caramel Apples 1

One of my family’s favourite desserts is apple pie, served with either custard or ice cream. So I thought it would be fun to create a raw version, served with caramel apples! The base for these pies is quite delicate, both in flavour and texture. They’re soft, slightly chewy and can easily be cut through with a spoon or cake fork. The lightly flavoured, silky smooth, apple cream is just delicious, with the caramel apples complimenting this dessert perfectly.

I’ve used Lucuma powder in my caramel apples, which you can buy from either the health food shop or some supermarkets. Lucuma is an exotic Peruvian fruit, which is pronounced loo-koo-ma. It’s a naturally sweet powder with a low Glycemic Index, which is rich in antioxidants and B vitamins. I would describe the flavour as being fruity and almost caramel like.

Initially, I started working on this recipe in September last year and was hoping it would be finalised before Christmas. Unfortunately though, I didn’t quite get around to finishing it in time, as I quite often get sided tracked with new ideas along the way! So instead, I found myself focusing all my energies on research and recipe development of European style Christmas biscuits/cookies. However, I still managed to complete one raw dessert for the holiday season last year, which was my Festive Raw Chocolate Mousses. So it wasn’t all bad!

I just love that my boys enjoy eating raw bars, bliss balls and desserts. I always have a few different options for them to choose from in my freezer. Not only are they healthy, but they’re also packed full of protein too, which is just what growing boys need. It also makes my life easier when I get too busy to bake, as they can just pull something out of the freezer whenever they need to fuel up.

Raw Apple Cream Pies with Caramel Apples 2

All cup measurements are firmly packed.

Makes 6 pies

72g (2.5 ounces or ½ cup) natural almonds
56g (2.0 ounces or a slightly heaped ½ cup) walnuts
24g (0.8 ounces or ¼ cup) fine desiccated coconut (I use this brand)
39g (1.4 ounces or ⅓ cup) almond meal/flour
50g (1.8 ounces or approx. 3 medium sized) Medjool dates
44g (1.5 ounces or a scant ⅓ cup) Muscat raisins
1 tablespoon (15ml) pure maple syrup
1½ tablespoons (22.5ml) melted coconut oil (I use this brand)
2 teaspoons (10ml) pure vanilla extract
A pinch of salt
Apple Cream
120g (4.2 ounce or 1 firmly packed cup) peeled, cored and grated Pink Lady apple (at room temperature)
100ml (6 tablespoons plus 2 teaspoons) coconut cream (I use this brand)
35g (1.2 ounces or ¼ cup) raw cashew nuts, soaked for at least 4 hours
2 tablespoons (30ml) coconut butter
1 tablespoon (15ml) coconut oil
1 teaspoon (5ml) pure vanilla extract
½ teaspoon (2.5ml) lemon juice
Coconut Butter
24g (0.8 ounces or ¼ cup) fine desiccated coconut (I use this brand)
1 tablespoon (15ml) coconut oil, melted (I use this brand)
Caramel Apples
1 large pink lady apple, peeled and diced small (at room temperature)
2 tablespoons (30ml) pure maple syrup
25g (0.9 ounces or approx. 1 large) Medjool date
1½ tablespoons (22.5ml) almond butter (I use this brand)
1 tablespoons (15ml) melted coconut oil (I use this brand)
2 teaspoons (10ml) lucuma powder (I use this brand)
½ teaspoon (2.5ml) pure vanilla extract
A pinch of salt

First, line six 10cm (4 inch) loose-bottom tart tins with plastic wrap.

To make the base, add the almonds, walnuts, desiccated coconut and almond meal to a small food processor, then process until the nuts are quite finely chopped. Next, add the dates and raisins, before processing again until finely chopped. Then add the remaining ingredients and process until well combined, scraping down the sides when necessary. Tip out the base mixture into a bowl and weigh it out, before dividing it by 6. That way, each pie base will have the same thickness.

Step 1

Firmly press the mixture into each tart tin and place in the freezer, while you work on the filling.

Step 2

To make the apple cream filling, make your coconut butter first. However, if you have purchased your coconut butter, then you can skip this next step. This is actually quite simple. Place your desiccated coconut in a spice grinder  and blitz for a minute or so. As it starts to breakdown, the oils come out.

Step 4

Add your coconut oil and blitz again, to combine, and you end up with coconut butter.

Step 5

Add all the ingredients for the apple cream, then process until thick, smooth and creamy, scraping down the sides when necessary. This will take a few minutes to achieve.

Step 3

When the apple cream is ready, remove the bases from the freezer and line a tray with a piece of baking paper/parchment. Gently remove the frozen bases from the tins and peel away the plastic wrap, before placing the bases on the prepared tray. Spoon the apple cream mixture evenly into the pies cases and smooth over the surface with the back of the spoon. Place the tray in the freezer for about an hour or so, for the pies to firm up.

Step 4

You should make a start on the caramel apples about 30 minutes after the pies have gone into the freezer. Add the maple syrup, melted coconut oil, Medjool date, almond butter, lucuma powder, vanilla and salt to a small food processor, then process until very well combined.

Step 5

Now place the mixture into a bowl and then stir through the chopped apples.

Step 6

At first, the caramel is very thick, but it will thin out as the juice from the apples seeps out. This takes approximately 15-20 minutes and you’ll need to stir it from time to time.

Step 7

Step 8

Step 9

Remove the tray from the freezer, place the pies on a serving plate, or individual plates, and then spoon the caramel apples on top of each pie.

Serve immediately.

Recipe by: The Gluten & Dairy Free Bakehouse

4 responses to “Raw Apple Cream Pies with Caramel Apples

  1. Hi Kylie,
    these pies look absolutely wonderful and I am really in love with them at first sight. I will prepare them as soon as apple season will start in Europe.
    Thanks for this great recipe!
    Kindest regards

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