Taco Salad Bowl

Taco Salad Bowl

This salad has it all!! Fresh greens and vegetables, some crunch from the tortilla/corn chips, protein from the beef and beans, and, to top it all off, a delicious creamy avocado dressing that brings it all together. This simple, yet substantial, salad is really easy to put together and it makes a very tasty lunch or dinner. Ethan isn’t a big fan of salad, as he prefers his vegetables. However, even he will happily devour this meal, with no complaints at all! Whereas Caelan is quite the opposite and this is one of his favourite meals.

Now you can use whatever salad you like the best in this recipe. So if you’re not a fan of corn, you could substitute it with say yellow capsicum. Don’t like spring onions? Use diced red onion instead. However, if you’re in love with olives, you could sprinkle a few of these over the top, just to get your fix! This salad is so versatile that you can use just about whatever you have in your refrigerator. I even added some grated carrot to this dish once. I also like to use red and yellow tomatoes for extra colour, but you can just use red tomatoes if you prefer.

The thick and creamy avocado dressing is vibrant in colour and has a refreshing zesty flavour, which compliments this taco salad perfectly. It’s so quick and easy to make, as it only takes a minute or so to blend. Then you just pop it in the refrigerator to chill, while you work on the rest of the meal. I normally like to pipe the dressing over the salad, but if I’m short on time, then I’ll just place small dollops over the salad instead. Again, it’s all down to your personal preference and taste.

Serves 5

500g (17.6 ounces) beef mince
X1 quantity of taco beef mince (recipe found here)
Avocado Dressing
1 avocado
60ml (¼ cup) fresh lime juice
2 tablespoons (30ml) light olive oil (I use this brand)
½ teaspoon (2.5ml) minced garlic
½ teaspoon (2.5ml) ground cumin
½-1 jalapeno chilli, depending on how hot you like it
5g (0.2 ounces or a firmly packed ¼ cup) coriander leaves
45ml-60ml (3-4 tablespoons) water, depending how thick you like your dressing
Salt and pepper to taste
Approximately ¾ of a large iceberg lettuce or 2 baby cos lettuces, chopped in to bite sized pieces
130g (4. ounces or 1 cup) frozen corn, defrosted, use kitchen paper to absorb excess
5-6 spring onions, finely sliced
1 large red capsicum, diced
1 avocado, diced
100g (a heaped ½ cup) red grape or cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
100g (a heaped ½ cup) yellow grape or cherry tomatoes, sliced in half
A couple of handfuls of tortilla strips or corn chips, for each bowl

Start by making your avocado dressing first. I find it easier to use an immersion blender to make mine. Simply add all the ingredients to a cylinder shaped jug and blend until it’s thick and creamy. Then place a piece of plastic wrap over the top and refrigerate until required.

Now make the taco beef mince and set aside, until ready to use.

Divide the salad among the 5 bowls and lightly toss to mix everything through.

Next, I like to break the chips in to smaller pieces and scatter them over the salad, before sprinkling over taco beef mixture.

Add salsa, if desired, and then finally pipe or spoon over a generous amount of the avocado dressing.


Recipe by: The Gluten & Dairy Free Bakehouse

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