Gingerbread House



It’s been a family tradition for quite a few years now to make a gingerbread house, and the boys look forward to it each year. You can buy gingerbread house kits from kitchen shops. We all have a lovely afternoon constructing and brainstorming decoration ideas.


This year we decided to make shingles for the roof, using marshmallows. I cut one marshmallow into four even pieces. They’re very sticky, so I lightly dusted them in some sifted icing sugar and that solves that problem. I placed all the shingles on a tray lined with baking paper/parchment.

I used double the quantity of gingerbread, there will be extra dough, so you can gingerbread men and cookies with the leftovers.


Double quantity of gingerbread
Double quantity of royal icing
Sweets to decorate

Take some of the dough and roll it between 2 pieces of baking paper/parchment to about 3mm in thickness. Cut out the shapes and, using the baking paper, gently transfer them to a tray. Bake the larger shapes for approximately 15 minutes and the smaller chimney shapes for 8 minutes. Allow the gingerbread pieces to cool on the trays for at least 5-8 minutes, before peeling off the baking paper/parchment and transferring them to a wire rack to cool completely.


For the best results, carefully follow the instructions in the kit. Once the house is constructed, allow the icing to set so it will be structurally sound.


Now it’s time to decorate!


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